Darkness Comes!


The air was frigid. I shivered. Les, wake up. My mind said the words, but my mouth wouldn’t open. I tried to move. I was paralyzed.

Open your eyes, you’re dreaming, wake up!, but I knew my eyes were wide open. There was nothing to see but a fog of darkness.

“Help” I whispered feebly, so feebly I couldn’t hear my own words. “Les, help me.”

A hand touched mine. It was icy cold. I didn’t want to see who it belonged to. It guided me slowly though the dark cold air, cold hands touching my body as I passed by. Leave me be. Let me go.

A bright light pierced the darkness ahead of me. We moved slowly towards it and then we turned a corner sharply.

The light is evil!

Malevolent whispers raped the silence.

“Where am I?”

Giggles, whispers, singing.

I’m in an asylum. I’m dreaming. I must be dreaming. “Les!” The only thing that came out of my mouth was a cloud of white breath. It hung in front of me like a frozen cloud.

I hit my head on something sharp, but I couldn’t raise my hand to rub it. Warm blood trickled  down my cheek. I was falling.

The giggles turned to hysterical laugher. “She fell, she fell, look at her. Oh look at her. We have her now”

“No you don’t. She’s only visiting, leave her be,” It was my grandma’s voice, soothing, gentle.

Where am I? 

Shapes emerged from the darkness. I was back in the barn.

Hush little baby don’t you cry, mamma’s going to sing you a lullaby.


I gulped and sat up.

Les was shaking me.

“That was one hell of a dream!” he said!

I write for fun, but when I retire, I plan to make money from my stories. Just imagine, making money doing something I love. I know Iv’ve left it a little late, but I’ve actually been writing send I was 12 years old. Therapy, cheaper to put your thoughts and fears down on paper than lie on that leather couch and be analyzed. Anyway, if you want a cheap amusing read, go buy my first novel on Amazon. It’s only $0.99 and its a fun read Dead of July 

Also check out my Writer Page on FacebookDead of July – Facebook

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