New Year – New Haunting

To my amazement, my recluse husband did stay at the bar until Midnight. We sang Auld Lang syne and then grabbed the first transport home. It was only a mile to our house, but drinking and driving was never a good idea. Les tipped the driver $20. I looked at him in amazement, before laughing out loud. He wasn’t normally a good tipper, but alcohol had greased his wallet.

The fire had died long since and the house felt cold. We got ready for bed quickly, snuggling under the covers to stay warm. Les started snoring immediately his head hit the pillow, but I law awake for a long time, thinking about the teenager who’d died giving birth in the barn.

Why do these spirits pick me out?

A soft clear voice that only I could hear answered me.

“Because they can!”

It was the voice of my grandma, long since dead. A real character when she was alive and even more so after death. She visited me often. I liked having her around, even though she could be mischievous. My gran introduced me to my granddad who’d died long before I was born. It wasn’t scared to meet him, even though I was only six or seven at the time. He just appeared while we sat by a brook on the moors. I was glad I’d met him. My gift came from my gran.

What does this girl want from me grandma?

“That’s for you to find out hinney,” she answered in her Geordie accent. She’d lived in county Durham and Northumberland all of her life. I loved her accent! It made me feel warm inside. I’d tried to imitate it when I was younger, but spent too much time in North Yorkshire to perfect it.

Hearing my her voice (if only in my head) soothed me, and I drifted to sleep easily, but only to be wake up again a couple of hours later.

What was that?

Les turned over, but remained asleep. I’d heard something. What was it?

“Hush little baby don’t you cry, mama’s going to sing you a lullaby.

Can’t stay long so please, please sleep.

Mama’s dying don’t want you to weep” 

I sat bolt upright.

A soft glow shone through the bedroom door. It came from the living room below. The fire was out, but something flickered down there. I slid out of bed carefully, so as not to wake Les. The light was fading. I looked over the bannister from the landing to see a pale sad young face looking up, but not at me. She held a baby in her arms. Kissing it softly on the cheek, she held it out to someone. The baby disappeared and so did the girl.hqdefault

The house became silent and very, very cold.



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