Phantom Footsteps?

Stumbling through the snow, I ran for my life. Only when I reached my driveway did I feel safe enough to turn around and see if I was being followed. I was alone in the snow.

I tried to catch my breath. Man, I was out of shape. Something moved behind me, startling me into motion again, but I fell clumsily onto my hands and knees in deep snow. Cringing I braced myself for another attack, but the world around me remained silent. Snow slid from an overloaded branch on the tree behind me. That’s what I’d heard. Cold and shaken, I pushed myself up and walked slowly to the front door.

I hope Les comes home from work soon.

Brushing the snow from my legs and arms I looked back towards the road and saw my solitary footprints.

Solitary Footprints?

Where were the footprints I’d followed? I walked to the end of the driveway again. Only my footprints remained. How could that be? I walked a little way up the road, nothing.

The snow got heavier, sticking to my eyelashes, chilling my bones. The black shape of a truck burst through the snow and turned onto our driveway.

Les, thank god, I don’t want to be alone. Do I tell him about this? He’ll think I’m crazy. I’m always seeing things, but I know I saw footsteps, child’s footsteps.

I stomped along the driveway again and followed the truck into the garage.

“You look cold, I’m surprised you went for a walk in this weather,” Les said as he unloaded his purchases from the back of the truck, “don’t look, I’ve been Christmas shopping, you can’t look at what I bought.”

I smiled weakly and followed him into the kitchen.

“Be back in a minute, need to put these downstairs.”

I wasn’t listening; I’d caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Blood dripped from my ear lobe. I’d lost an earring too. There were faint scratches on my neck. I pulled my sweater off my shoulder. The scratches were worse there, deeper. Les appeared behind me, making me jump.

“What on earth have you been up to now?”



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