A Radio Possessed – Messages from the Dead!

Cindy arrived at work to find me on my knees mopping coffee from the floor with paper towels. The coffee was mixed with blood where I’d cut hand picking up the shattered pieces of my favorite coffee cup.

“Not a good way to start the day!” She said.

“Is it five o clock yet?” I asked, trying to make light of it.

“Oh you have a long way to go yet! We have a lot to do too. I’d have been here sooner, but there’s something going on at the building site up the road. Some sort of accident.”

I froze!


“I had to pull over and allow an ambulance to pass me. It stopped by the entrance to the construction site…”

I dropped the cloth and ran. Dear God don’t let this be my fault. Wait a minute, why would it be?

Confused and scared, I walked as fast as the steep cobbled hill of Frenchgate would allow me. I saw the flashing lights of the ambulance, parked near the Ship Tavern. A nurse was fussing over a man sitting on the bench just inside. She looked up “Hello, can I help you?”

Her patient turned around to face me. “Mick, is that you?” His face was covered with blood, but it was a face I knew well. Everyone knows everyone in Richmond I suppose, but Mick and I had been pretty close for a while.


“You can come and sit by him if you want. I’m just dressing his wound. He’s lucky to be alive.”

Thank you God!

“What happened?”

“Damned if I know! I was on the scaffolding at the back of the house tossing debris into the skip below and out of the blue a radio started up. I was the only person there, so I wasn’t expecting it. Lost my bloody balance and the next thing I know, I was flat on my back on the ground. Luckily for me the landlord of the Ship next door saw me fall, he called 999.”

“He doesn’t know how lucky his is. He landed on a pile of insulation,” the nurse chirped in “if he hadn’t he’d be dead.”

“It was just delivered yesterday. I must have whacked my head on the way down though.”

“Yes, he needs stitches, and we’ll have to get his head x-rayed, but looks like he had a lucky escape.”

I tried to joke, “I always said you needed your head examining.”


Mick laughed, but the nurse just glared at me. “This could have been much worse”

“Yes, I know, I’m sorry.”

The Ambulance driver appeared from the doorway of the house under construction. He had a transistor radio in his hand, my transistor radio. “I found this in the skip,” he said. “I don’t think this is where the music came from, bloody magical if it did, there’s no batteries in it.”

It burst into life again. “Will you still love me tomorrow?” He dropped it, shocked.

“Well I’ll be damned! It’s not magic, its possessed.”

Everyone looked at the radio, which now lay on the ground, its innards spewing out and rolling down the steep hill! The music was replaced by static, an ear-piercing, irritating noise that sounded like the television when you couldn’t get the antenna right. There was something else too,  through the static I swear I heard a motorcycle revving, followed by the screech of tyres.

The Ambulance driver looked perplexed. “You all heard that right, it wasn’t just me?”

I have to admit, I’m having fun with this story. It was supposed to be three of four blogs in length, but my imagination is running wild. Novels are fun to write, but these short bursts of imagination are an absolute BLAST! I hope you’re enjoying it too. Stop by again, love it when you do. 


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