A walk in Verona

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

Verona is a perfect town to walk in. It is not too big, it is flat and it is full of beautiful things…come for a walk through the lovely streets.

A good place to start is Piazza Erbe with its stunning fountain and beautiful frescoed buildings.

Piazza Erbe Verona

Piazza Erbe Verona

Our next stop was Juliette’s balcony, possibly the worst bit of Verona.

Juliette' balcony Verona

The balcony was built in 1936 to cash in on the story of Romeo and Juliette, a fictional tale. It has become extraordinarily tacky, with walls covered in scrawling signatures. Last time I was in Verona there was actually a wall covered in bits of chewing gum with notes stuck on. There has been some attempt to remove this, but it has not been entirely successful.

Juliette's balcony zverona

Juliette's balcony Verona

Now people push and shove to touch the breast of a statue of poor Juliette in the hope it will bring them luck and possibly romance.

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