DED 1666

“Lindsay speak to me.” Pam said. “I’m here for you to cry, scream, whatever you need, I’m here. Don’t go silent on me.”

“Sorry! I feel like I’m in a living hell. I should be dead too. My friends are gone, burned to death and I’m here, still alive. Why was I spared?”

“Don’t apologize for being alive, be thankful. This was an awful tragedy, but its a reminder of just how precious life is, make the most of it. You’re here to live another day.”

“I know but….” Lindsay never got to finish her sentence, the doorbell interrupted.

“Shall I go?” Pam asked. Lindsay nodded “I don’t want to speak to anyone unless I have to, get rid of them if you can.”

“Sorry,” Pam said as brought a policeman into the kitchen, “I couldn’t get rid of him.”

“I’m Sargent Whitely, sorry to intrude. I can’t begin to imagine how you feel, but I need to ask you a few questions. It won’t take long.”

“Am I really the only survivor?”

“I’m afraid so, other than those who left the disco before you. Did you see anything odd during the evening, anyone acting nervous, suspicious?”

“No!” Lindsay answered.

“How about after you left the disco? My college told me you were walking home when you heard the explosion. Did you see anything at all that might be suspicious?”

“A car, I saw a car speeding along the road towards me.”

“What color?”

“I didn’t notice the color.”

“Could you see inside? Could you describe the driver?”

Lindsay thought about it, “Not really dark hair, young, big eyes, scared looking, but I don’t think I’d recognize him again.”

“So it was a man, was he driving or in the passenger seat?”

“Passenger, didn’t see the driver. I think the same car parked outside my flat later. I couldn’t see inside, it was dark, but something tells me it was the same car.”

“Are you sure?” Sargent Whitely asked as he frantically made notes in a small pad.


“Is there anything else?”

“DED 1666”


“The car that raced past me, its number plate was DED 1666.”








Dead of July – A Ghost Story by Sandra Thompson is available on Amazon.



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