Lonely Girl! Run for your life……..

Lindsay listened to this song over and over again at home. It was a love song, but the words that rang in her head were ‘Lonely Girl’. She was always lonely. Why did she never have a boyfriend? She wasn’t unattractive, she was fun, but she was always lonely, always left behind. She watched as couples paired off on the dance floor, leaving her at the bar, always alone.

Julie, her friend caught her eye and gave her a little wave over the shoulder of the guy she’d pulled for the last dance. Putting on a brave face and a false smile, Lindsay waved back. Some girls night out this turned out to be! Looks like I’ll be walking home alone again, she thought to herself. Good job I’m not afraid of the dark. Damn them all to hell, why can’t they just stay with me for once. I’m tired of being left alone. 

Before the song even finished she went and claimed her coat. I’m done with this whole bloody night. My friends never leave with me, why do I waste my time?  The only thing I’ll be snuggling up with tonight is my pillow. Lindsay didn’t look at the dance floor before leaving. There was nothing there she wanted to see. She wished them all dead

As she crossed the road the Eddie Hollman song ended, the last slow dance of the night was over, and Lindsay disappeared into the darkness. She was halfway home when she heard the explosion. It knocked her off her feet and sucked the air from her lungs.

What the heck was that? Too stunned to stand, she sat on the road and looked back in the direction of the noise, flames erupted into the night sky. Another explosion. Oh dear god, it’s the club, what happened? The next explosion rocked the world. The Garage and the Petrol Pumps!

Pushing herself shakily to her feet, Lindsay wasn’t sure which way to run. Should she go home? Should she go back and see if she could help? The night sky turned red. A car turned the corner from the main road, and sped towards her, causing her to jump onto the grass for fear of being hit. It skidded out of control. White faced, the passenger peered in her direction briefly, huge dark troubled eyes resting on her as the car roared away. Lindsay noted the number plate before it disappeared into the darkness.

DED 1666

She shivered.

Sirens broke the silence, waking her from her fugue state. Oh my god what happened? 

She ran towards the night club and arrived at the same time as an Ambulance. Police cars blocked the entrance to the parking lot. The petrol station was an inferno and flames hungrily devoured the night club next to it. Where were her friends? The sound of breaking glass drew her attention and Lindsay looked up to the second floor window in time to see a ball of flames fall through it and land on the ground below, making a wet sickly noise she didn’t like. Oh god, was that a person?

Here we go again, my twisted mind has remembered something that happened in my past and turned it into a story – and not a nice one. How will this story end?

Dead of July is still available on Amazon. Pretty soon, when I get myself organized, two short stories will follow. Hope you have the stomach for them. My hero Stephen King, influences my stories. I’ve watched his career since it began and hope that one day, I will produce a novel that is a tenth as good as his. Happy reading. 

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson






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