Saved – Dark Angel – The End!

I was surrounded by darkness again, but no longer afraid for I saw a small pinprick of light above me. I was rising towards it. My fathers scent was still in the air, his cigarettes, his aftershave. I closed my eyes and smiled. If I died I knew I was going to a good place, and I’d be safe.

“Lucy, drink this. Can you hear me?”

I tried to open my eyes, but they were too heavy. Cool water trickled down my parched throat. Someone gently washed my face with a warm damp cloth. I coughed and managed to sit up and open my eyes.

Father Angelo knelt on the floor beside me, a look of concern on his face. He hugged me tightly. “I thought we’d lost you,” he said. “Where did you go? Someone other than me was helping you.”

I coughed again to clear my throat. “I saw my father, and my uncle, they were in Egypt. I was with them. There were young soldiers. They helped me.”

Jeff was sitting on the chair opposite me, wrapped in blankets, but still shivering. He forced a smile. “I wish you’d taken me with you.” he said “It was cold enough to freeze Hell in here.”

Father Angelo found a mirror and held it in front of me. I gasped at the reflection that looked back at me. I was covered in sand, it even stuck to my eyelashes.

“Your father and your uncle saved your life.” Father Angelo said. “This room is clean, free of evil. Can you feel it?”

I looked around me, the room was a little untidy and very cold, but no shadow lurked in the corner. Resting my weary head in my hands, I cried. “Am I free now?”

My mind was my own, no dark whispers answered me.

“Lets pray together. Lets rid you of any last lingering pockets of evil.”

Jeff came and sat next to me on the sofa, spreading the blanket around us both. As we prayed his body relaxed and warmed. I held him close. Without him I’d most likely be dead.

As we finished praying the phone rang. Father Angelo picked it up and handed it to me. It was my mother. “Lucy, I’ve just had the strangest dream, I dreamed about your dad. He was with Uncle Alfie in Egypt. He asked me to tell you that you’re safe now. Isn’t that a funny thing to dream?”

Cross in Chilean Desert






I’m glad I managed to finish my story, and save Lucy before Christmas. There’s still time to buy my book Dead of July from Amazon before Christmas. 

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



    Merry Christmas Everyone 


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