Dark Evil and Good Men

The pain was more than I could bear, I wanted it to stop, but kept silent. It couldn’t last forever. I needed to die on my own terms. If I begged for death I was giving in to Evil and death wouldn’t come, instead my dark side would win and I’d become vengeful and roam the earth causing pain to others, just as the dark one was causing pain to me now.

Piercing red eyes burned a path into my brain. I needed help, but was afraid to call out, or even think of anyone, afraid of involving them in my pain. I prayed and prepared to die.

From afar I heard scratchy gramophone music. Was I imagining it? The music grew louder,  closer. Images flashed through my head in black and white, quickly at first, but then they slowed down. I saw tanks. Men marched in time, rifles over their shoulders. The music grew louder.

“Dad, am I with you now? Did I die?” I asked.

Music overpowered my thoughts. The British Army marched through my head, brave men ready to sacrifice their lives for their country.

“Whats happening to me?” I wasn’t sure if my lips moved or not. Was my scream silent? My pain subsided. I no longer saw evil red eyes peering into mine. Still unable to move I watched a WWII black and white movie play out in my head. My dad marched by, a young man, his beret jauntily perched on his head, a cigarette in his mouth and a smile on his face.

“I love you dad.” I whispered.

He turned around and smiled.

I’ve been pre-occupied lately and haven’t managed to get much done so I hope you enjoy this installment. Lucy is fighting for her life as Good and Evil clash all around her.

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Dead of July by Sandra Thompson


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