Working and Walking

041113-2nd-walk-300x225I’m sure many of you share my problem, no time for the gym. I love to work out and feel my heart racing, but I’m a part-time author and have a full-time and very demanding job. I decided a brisk lunch time walk was answer. Not quite a power walk, but a fast walk. I started walking a mile or so a day, and it felt good. Then I bought myself a Nike Fuel Band, wow, that certainly did the trick. I set the fuel at 2,500 and the steps at 10,000. Once I could see the numbers, it pushed me to exercise more. Now I’m walking three miles almost every day. If the weather doesn’t permit, I use the gym in my office building……I feel GREAT! So those of you who can’t find time to work out, use your lunch hour. It makes the day go much faster and energizes you, especially if you can walk outside.


Dead of July – A novel by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



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