Dark Angel – Simmering

Dark Angel is fun to write, sorry the installments aren’t regular, but I have to be inspired. I may be inspired in an hour from now, or not until tomorrow, but I don’t want to force my brain to produce something I know you won’t like.

On another note, my latest short story is with my copy editor/writing coach, and I have to admit it’s distracting me. Those of you who write will understand how I feel. Writing a story is like being pregnant, and then finally giving birth. In your eyes your offspring is PERFECT! Well imagine someone coming along and criticizing it, telling you this needs fixing and that needs putting right. It’s tough, especially when you know they’re right.

For the next few weeks I will be juggling my short story, and my blog, so be patient with me. I love them both dearly and will divide my time between them.

If you want to read my first novel Dead of July, it is available on Amazon and SmashWords. Buy a copy make a budding, unknown author very happy.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



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