Halloween – not my kind of Ghost!

I write about ghosts, premonitions, weird unexplainable happenings, but I write about my life! My marketing friends tell me, “its your time of year, make the most of it, market your books. It’s Halloween, go for it.”

Yes I get it, but my spirits are with me all year-long, they don’t just jump out of the closet on Halloween. Life would be much easier for me if they did.

My visitors don’t jump up and go BOOO, they simply wander into the room and silently make their presence known.

So as Halloween approaches I sit here and ponder. Shall I promote my book because it’s a little scary? Why not?

Dead of July a great Halloween read, available on Amazon by clicking on the link to the left and Dead of July – Smashwords

BOOOO – I hope it scares you.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

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