I love you Dad – I want to be with you.

shadows“Get away from me,” I cried.

Shadows moved around the room with ever-changing shapes. It was cold, so very cold. Surrounded by evil laughter and whispers, I sank to my knees and buried my head in my hands, preparing to die.

“Take me if you must, take my life, but stop hurting the people I love.”

A voice that must be a thousand years old spoke from thin air. “Oh, I’m not done with you yet.”

I clung to my clothes, which I felt were being tugged from my body. “In the name of Jesus Christ, please leave me alone.”

“Jesus can’t save you now, anyway you don’t even believe in him. When you die, you’ll join me, I’m preparing you. You will be my new apprentice, my new toy. I think you’re almost ready. When I take you, it will be spectacular.”

The laughter faded and the room warmed up. When she takes me? Her apprentice?

What the hell was I dealing with? All I’d seen was a dark angel with evil eyes. I still wondered if she was part of my imagination. Did my accident and my coma cause brain damage? I hoped Jeff would come back soon, I didn’t want to put him in harm’s way, but I needed him badly. I opened another bottle of wine, knowing I shouldn’t, but wanting to drink my way into oblivion.

Lucy, Lucy, don’t drink anymore.”

Where did that sound come from? I went to the window and looked outside. The street was empty.

Don’t drink, be strong, and fight back.”

Although the voice was distorted it was my father who spoke to me. Looking at his photo on the mantel, I took a deep breath and put down my glass.

“You can fight this, trust me, your mum needs you, don’t leave her, it would destroy her. Fight back.”

“Dad I love you,” I sobbed “I want to be with you.”

No, believe me,  you don’t want to be here!”

The temperature dropped again and an awful bone chilling noise shook the house. Surely it came from the bowels of the earth.

“Dad!” I yelled, but he was gone.

“Don’t you dare hurt him anymore, leave him be.” I screamed.

I pulled my clothes tightly around me, trying to stay warm. “I’ll do whatever you want, just leave my dad alone. Let him rest in peace.”

The shadows disappeared and the room began to warm up. I sat motionless on the sofa, afraid to move, terrified of what my dad suffered even after death.


Lucy suffers in this story, but in Dead of July , Sheila, a young British Army wife struggles with evil. Also available on Smashwords.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



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