Dark Angel – I Love You – You Make Me Stronger!

Angel bad1

“Of course she’s trying to kill me, it’s what she does.” Jeff said.

“Why did you get involved if you knew that? Why did you try to help me? Two people are dead already; I don’t want you to be the third.”

He walked over and put his arms around me which felt good, comforting, but made me feel even worse. I didn’t want to be responsible his death.  I pushed him gently away. He looked into my eyes and brushed away my tears.

“Come on, let’s eat,” he said, “I’ve opened a bottle of wine.”

We sat down and tried to make small talk, but it was impossible. How could I think about anything except the evil one that played with my life. Was I ever going to be rid of her? Why did she save me and allow the truck driver to die? I’d be better off dead than watch those around me suffer to amuse her.

“What do we do next, how do we stop her?” I asked my voice breaking.

“I went to see the Vicar today, told him your story; he’s going to stop by tonight. He wants to help.”

“How can he help? When he came to my mum’s after church, the angel tormented him. He was brave, but weak. She could snap him like a twig.”

“He didn’t know what he was dealing with then, now he does. He just wants to talk to you, wants to know how this started. He had God on his side remember.”

“Yes and she has the devil on hers.” I said, ” My wine glass was emptying much more quickly than my plate.

We heard a scream and the sound of screeching tires from the street below. We looked at each other and ran to the window. There’d been an accident. A man lay injured in the street; he’d been hit by a car. He stared towards my window as someone removed his white Vicar’s collar and tried to help him. A dark flaming shadow hovered above him for a while and then disappeared. I made to run down to the street, but Jeff grabbed my arm.

“Stay here,” he said, “Your presence will make things worse.”

I watched as he crossed the road to where the Vicar lay. He  took hold of Jeff’s hand, thank God he wasn’t dead. I saw him whisper something. Jeff glanced up at me and smiled a smile that told me the Vicar was OK. The ambulance seemed to take forever to arrive, but in reality it was probably only five minutes. I finished the bottle of wine while I stood and watched, trying to drown my fear and pain with alcohol.

Jeff got in the ambulance and as I watched it drive away, I felt a cold evil presence behind me. I was terrified and daren’t around. An icy finger touched my neck and a voice  whispered in my ear. “You are making me stronger, so strong. I’m going to keep you with me for a long time, I think I love you.”

I felt her hands all over me, icy cold, she was trying to make me hers.


I love to write, I’d love to quit my day job and write, maybe one day! 

My first novel ‘Dead of July’ is available on Amazon and Smashwords for $3.99. Give it a try. Make me famous!

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson




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