Serious Mischief – Moving in from the Cold?

cold ghostIt’s approaching that time of year again. What time of year is that? The mischievous time, and it’s already started.  The mischief began five years ago. It was late October, and in one single morning, three of my kitchen appliances broke. My blender, wine fridge and compactor. Everything always seems to come in threes, so I thought it was just my bad luck……until the following year when it happened all over again. It became an annual event. Last year my newly fitted bathroom sprung a leak, my washing machine broke and my tumble drier caught fire. This all happened in the same week!

And here we go again. The toilet in our master bathroom has become possessed (you may laugh), but it flushes and fills up on its own. After close inspection we see nothing wrong with it. Thankfully it’s stopped now (after a week). My husbands (I think he called it his proxy server) stopped working for NO REASON, much to his frustration and then our septic tank backed up!

OK, so you are all thinking that’s life, these things happen, and yes I agree, but why do they always happen late September/early October. Why do they sometimes just fix themselves?

I could let all of those things slide a little if it wasn’t for the objects I keep seeing in the corner of my eye, causing me to turn for a better look. When I turn there’s nothing there of course, but I know there was.

When I lay in bed last night I saw my husband walk past the bedroom door, and spoke to him. He never answered, but about ten seconds later, walked up the stairs. I sat up confused “I just saw you walk past the bedroom door,” I said.

No you didn’t, I’ve just come upstairs.”

Yes, it’s that time of year again, my mischievous visitor is back. Maybe its a ghost that lives outside in the Summer, but chooses to move somewhere warmer when it gets cold.

If that’s the case, you’re welcome my friend, no one likes to be cold, but please don’t break anything else.

These events are pretty small compared to my other visitors and premonitions. I share all of my adventures with you in a series of books. Dead of July is currently available for kindle and various other eReaders (smashwords), for $3.99. It’s the first of many stories about Sheila (me) and all of her trials and tribulations because of her premonitions and visitations. 

 Dead of July – A German Ghost Story (Amazon)

Dead of July – (Smashwords)


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