Hallelujah – The Sun Sets on the Girl on the Beach



Just in time, one day before my Fiction Writers Conference, I managed to finish the final edit of the final re-write of my first book Girl on the Beach.

It will be a while before its published because the next step is the content edit, followed by the copy-edit, followed by the lay out, then the front and back cover and finally the proof reader. It’s such a great achievement to get this far though. I am so excited. I am re-launching this book in the genre ‘Young Adult’. Are there any young adults out there who would like to be my beta readers?

Exhausted, but happy, I’m going to bed.

My novel Dead of July is available on Amazon and sells at $3.99 for the Kindle edition and $9.99 for the print version.

Girl on the Beach, should be available around Christmas time. Watch out for it.


3 thoughts on “Hallelujah – The Sun Sets on the Girl on the Beach

  1. Oh thanks Karen. I’m at a writers conference and after some oh the stuff I learned about YA books today, decided to read it through one more time, and then I would love you to be a beta reader for me. Thank you.

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