A Young Girl, A Beach, and a Premonition

My very first book was called Girl on the Beach. It’s loosely based on my own life, and yes I’ve had some very strange experiences. As a newbie to writing, I put this book on Amazon and Smashwords five years ago. It was free for a while. As I became more experienced, I realized that although I got some great feedback on the story, the book needed to be re-written. For the past six months, I have been working on the re-write and I think I’m almost there. I need help with the title though because I’m not sure Girl on the Beach, does it justice.

Set in 1964, this young adult book is about a seven-year old who has a terrifying experience on the beach in the British seaside resort of Blackpool. She appears to be having a nightmare in the middle of the day, and is surrounded by darkness and death. The nightmare haunts her, even after her vacation is over.

Sheila is only seven years old, but has already come to terms with the fact that death isn’t the end of everything. A young cousin, who died of leukemia, visits her often. She is sensitive to wandering spirits, who tend to seek her out. A huge burden to bear for a youngster.

Back to titles. Here are some new ones I’m thinking of.

Nightmare on the Beach

Fear in the Sand

Bad Dreams in Blackpool

It’s probably hard to decide when you haven’t read the story, but any help is appreciated. When I re-launch the book do I change the cover too?

Girl on the Beach by Sandra Thompson


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