Not my Guardian Angel.

I wasn’t sure if I were alive or dead. I saw shadows, dark shadows. I heard the sound of whispering, but didn’t recognize the voices. Then, for a while I saw nothing but darkness, it enveloped me. I knew I wasn’t in Hell because Hell would be hot and red. Suddenly I saw the light. Should I move towards it, or turn away from it? I’d seen so many movies, go to the light, but surely that would mean death. Run away from the light, but did that put me in Hell?

I felt pain in my chest, my body jolted, I heard a loud buzzing sound, pain, my body jolted again, and then I opened my eyes. I was in a brightly lit room. I was in hospital. Nurses bustled around me. “She’s awake, I think she’s going to make it.” a voice from above me said. I looked up into the shiny, perspiring black face of a nurse. “Stay with me now.” she said as she shone a light in my eyes.

Where am I likely to go? I thought as I looked at my legs, which were suspended by wires from the ceiling. I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream in pain, but I couldn’t open my mouth.

“Don’t be scared sugar.” The nurse said. “You’re gonna make it.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to. In the corner of the room was a shadow, a dark shadow with wings. The shadow didn’t have a face but I knew her.

“Her heart beat is steadying.” said the nurse. “I think she’s going to be okay. It’s been a rough couple of days, but I think she’ll make it.”

Couple of days? I thought. Its been a couple of days?

“Give her another shot of morphine.” It was a male voice this time. I couldn’t see where it came from, but I was thankful. I didn’t want feel anymore pain, but more than anything else, I didn’t want to see the black shadow crouching in the corner of the room. She may be and Angel, but I had a feeling she wasn’t my guardian, she wanted something from me. The room faded to darkness again.

Emergency Room

I live to write, and my short stories keep my brain and writing skills sharp. My first full length novel below is available on Amazon. If you find time to read it, please be so kind as to give me a review. I’d love to know what you think. A compilation of my short stories will be available later this year. In the meantime, I have my daughter’s wedding to plan. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you pass this way again to see what happens with the Dark Angel.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



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