Dark Angel

I raced along the highway going way too fast, but I was scared. I looked in my rearview mirror as the funnel cloud touched down on the road behind me. It was a full-blown tornado now. Roaring and twisting, it chased me, getting closer with each passing second. Hail pounded my windshield and bounced off the road around me.

“Dear God, help me. I don’t want to die.” I floored the accelerator as I tried to beat the storm. My life hung in the balance. Would I be killed in a car crash or become the victim of the tornado that loomed over me? I saw a bridge ahead of me squeezed my foot down as far as it would go, racing for the bridge, hoping it would shelter me.

Racing a tornadoAlmost there! Noooooooo! I stomped on my brakes and screamed as a dark shaped loomed ahead of me. An overturned truck blocked my way and I could do nothing to avoid it. I didn’t feel the impact, I felt nothing. I was dead!

No longer afraid of the tornado, I floated above my mangled car. A man lay on the ground below me. He moaned in pain, but I couldn’t help him. I looked down at myself, or what was left of me, a bloody mess of mangled flesh. I couldn’t cry. I was dead.

Movement caught my eye and a dirty light glided towards me. I wasn’t alone anymore.



My ears buzzed and my head hurt. How could that be? I was dead.

“You, whats your name?”

“Me?” I asked.

“Who else could I be taking to?” said the harsh voice that approached me.

I looked at the now silent body on the ground.

“I’m not taking to that fool, he’s dead”

I shuddered. The shape that approached me had wings. Could this be an angel?  Surely not, she was dark, and her voice was cruel. I shielded my face with my arm as she grew close, her brightness hurt my eyes.

“Am I dead?” I asked.

“No, it was you or him, and it pleased me to let you live….for now anyway.”

Her light went out and I was alone, trapped in my car. I felt no pain, just fear. Sirens approached, help was at hand. I thought of the dark angel and wondered if I’d be better off dead.


Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



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