My story told my way!

I couldn’t hold back the tears as I listened to Anna’s story. Memories of what my mother endured came flooding back. I found it hard to understand why Anna hadn’t tried to escape again while he slept. I didn’t want to judge her because I could see she was a mental and emotional wreck. Anna was only fifteen when her parents were tragically killed. This man had won her trust when she was weak and vulnerable and then had taken away her spirit. The fact that she’d survived at all surprised me.


Trying to fit my book into a genre is hard. Is it horror? Not really!

Is it an adventure story? A little bit. It’s me. Sheila, the main character is me. It’s a story about my life.

Did I really see dead people? Yes, and I still do.

Will I ever write a story about someone else? Yes, some day, but right now I have my story to tell. The one I lived.

Did I have premonitions? Yes, and I still have way too many.

Dead of July is still available on Amazon, give it a try! I enjoyed writing it and I still enjoy reading it. It’s the story of me and the ghosts in my life.


3 thoughts on “My story told my way!

  1. When seeing the first blog post about Dead of July – I immediately bought and read it. And I will read it again. ⭐
    Sandra, if you are interested in being featured in my ’10 Statements’ column, please let me know.

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