Pay it Forward – Just for fun!

Pay it ForwardI decided to get my car cleaned on the way home tonight. Winter had left its mark and my car needed a valet’s touch, not just a drive through the car wash. When I opened the trunk I’d forgotten I had a bag containing fifty copies of ‘Dead of July’ in there. Oops! I took them out and struggled to carry them as I made my way to the cashier.

“Oh goodness me,” she said as she saw me struggling with my briefcase, handbag, and huge bag of books “Have you been shopping? What a big bag.”

“No it’s books, I’d forgotten they were in the back of the car.

As I struggled to pull out my wallet, a friendly young gentleman came running to my aid. “Here ma’am, let me carry that for  you.”

“Oh no, it’s OK.” I said.

“I insist.” he said as he picked up the bag and effortlessly put it on his shoulder.

I paid for my car wash and turned to take the bag from the colorful, friendly young man.

“Where do you want it?” he asked

“Well I was going to sit over there and wait for my car, ” I replied, pointing to a chair in the sun.

He carried the bag for me, chatting as he did so.

“Do you enjoy to read?” I asked him. “Yes I do.” He replied. With that I took one of my books out and gave it to him. “It’s a paranormal fiction, I wrote it myself.” I told him as I handed it to him. His eyes lit up, he was delighted, which made me happy. “Thank you” he said and leafed through the pages as he walked across to his big garbage truck, which was parked at the other side of the forecourt. I pulled out my iPad and began to read.

“Do you mind if I do the fan thing and get you to sign this for me?” said a voice close by. The friendly chap was back, pen in hand.

I smiled. “Whats your name?” I asked.

“It’s Troy.” he told me.

To Troy, enjoy! I wrote before signing my name.

“Oh thanks so much, you may be a billionaire one day, and I’ll have a first copy of your book.”

I laughed openly at his obvious joy. He’d made my day better, and in return, I’d made his better too.




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