Geordie – All alone, but not crazy!

Man alone at nightWhen I was in high school, I saw him often, walking alone along the streets and lonely country roads. He was tall and skinny with flowing black hair. I asked my mum who he was, “Its Geordie, his brain doesn’t work right,” she told me.

I left school and got a job, taking the bus along the country lanes to work every day, he was still there. He walked briskly, always alone.

After a night on the town with my friends, I caught the last bus home. It didn’t go into my village, but stopped at the end of the road, a mile from where I lived. It was almost midnight as I walked the dark, lonely road home. I saw Geordie ahead of me. I quickened my pace to catch up with him. I think he heard me because he stopped, standing motionless on the road. When I came along side him I stopped. “Hi, I’m Sandra.” I said. I’ve seen you walking the roads for years. Are you looking for someone?” I asked.

He turned and looked at me, his piercing dark blue eyes were hypnotizing. “I just walk, I’m trying to escape,” He said.

“Escape from who?” I asked.

“From myself.” he answered.

I walked and he walked beside me.

“You can’t escape from yourself,” I said “And why would you want to?”

“Because I don’t belong, if I run away from myself, whats left might fit in somewhere.”

I laughed.

“I don’t want to talk anymore,” he said “Lets just walk.”

“Is your  name is Geordie?”

“You can call me Bones, I like to be called Bones,” he said.

“I thought you didn’t want to take anymore.”

“It feels good talking to you.” he said.

Bones walked me home. The feeling I got from him was spiritual, calming. I liked him. He walked with me all of the way to my house. When we got there he hugged me. “I give you strength and power.” he said as he untied a bag which hung from his belt. He shook the bag high in the air, above my head and then turned and walked away.

I slept well that night.




6 thoughts on “Geordie – All alone, but not crazy!

  1. What a beautiful story. I love how he said he was trying to escape himself. I have felt like that a time or two and how peaceful you must have made him feel. Awesome post! 🙂

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