Change Is Good

Good luck. My friend is also doing the Appalachian trail. His journey starts in May.

Feeling Better Through Fitness

Hello all! The journey starts in nine days! As I sit here on my break at work, I’m in deep thought about my last day this Sunday. So many memories flood in my mind as I go back in time thinking about everything I’ve experienced.

The most valuable experiences I had were the many long conversations with so many loving and insightful people. These seemingly random people wandered into a little shoe store in the middle of a mall in downtown Salt Lake City, and while exchanging knowledge and ideas with me, I dought most of them realized the impact their words and insights had on me.

I feel the jump I am making in my life is more like a flip. Right now I’m in the air and I can see where I will land, but don’t know if I will land on my feet or face plant! I…

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