Disclaimer (Tongue in Cheek)

As I read through some of my blogs I feel I need to publish a disclaimer!

My ‘Girl in the Mirror’ blog postings are 100% fact. They are my autobiography, and what made me who I am today. Many of my older memories are both sad and disturbing. I wouldn’t wish my birth father on anyone. He was a cruel man and I’m glad we escaped when I was young. Writing about these experiences helps ease the pain and release the memories that have been locked away in my head for so long.

The inspiration for most of my postings comes from my everyday life.  I see something that amuses me or sticks in my mind and I blog about it, usually twisting the facts so they become short horror stories. I guess I have a slightly warped mind. If you think you recognize yourself in one of these blogs, believe me, you don’t. A glance, a word for you may have triggered my imagination, but that’s all.

My published novel and short stories are based on events that happened during my life. In most cases 70% fact and 30% fiction. It’s easy to write about something you know. A little tweak here and there make these events so much more exciting. I hope you enjoy reading them.

So once again, if you recognize yourself in any of my blogs, believe me, it’s not about you. These characters are totally fictitious (unless of course you’re a ZOMBIE).

Dead of July is based on fact, but infused with fiction.

Click on the book cover below for more information.



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