Bite me? Is that really what she said. The woman’s face changed before my eyes. Her ‘plush plum’ lipstick disappeared, sinking into her cracked lips. Was her skin decayed in front of my eyes? As crazy as it seems, I slapped myself across the face. I was dreaming, I must be. The slap didn’t wake me up, and my new crazy friend with the ‘plush plum’ make-up and matching jeans took a step closer. As she did so something fell to the ground. I looked down. It was a clump of hair with a little bit of scalp attached. I didn’t want to see anymore. I yanked the car door open started the engine as I locked myself in. Throwing the car into reverse, I hit the gas, but not before her terrifying face appeared at the passenger side window. “My name is Rachel, I’ll be seeing you.” she said. God, I hope not, I thought. Her face stamped itself in my memory. She looked sad, but worse than that, she looked hungry.

100104152-walking-dead-zombie-female-face.160x105This can’t really be happening, I told myself as I reversed out of my parking space. Had I stumbled onto the film set of ‘The Walking Dead’, but a version where the zombies talked. Or was this a flash back from  my mis-spent youth? My brother always told me it would catch up with me. I looked in my rearview mirror as I sped away. Rachel stood in the middle of the parking space I had just vacated. She waved at me, a horrific smile on her face. Two fingers crumbled and fell from her right hand as she waved. I looked away, not wanting to see anymore.

Pulling onto the highway, I drove home as quickly as I could without getting stopped for speeding, not that there was anyone to stop me, the roads were deserted. That seemed odd as it was early evening, and usually busy with people driving home from work. I reversed my red Audi into the garage, making it easy for a quick get-away if needed. I always parked this way, thinking I may need to escape from an intruder. When you live alone, it becomes a habit.  Tonight, it was more important than ever. I felt something may happen, and I wanted to be prepared.


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