Devil Car!

A new short story squeezed its way into my head. Devil Car may or may not be the title, but the writing has begun! I got the idea from something that actually happened to me on my way home last night.

green crop

I first noticed the green Mazda Miata as I drove down a back road in Parker Colorado. I left work a little early for a long overdue appointment with my masseuse. Was the old car ahead of me, or behind? I’m not sure. The only reason I noticed it at all is because I can’t see a Miata without thinking of my husband lecturing me about the benefits of the Wankel engine, designed by Felix Wankel, a German engineer. It was in great condition for an old car, but for some strange reason, it me think ‘Christine’ the evil car from the Stephen King novel. Why would I compare a small innocuous car like a Mazda Miata to a Plymouth Fury? The Miata stayed with me, until I turned off Main Street and parked up ready for my appointment. I was a little early so I stood in the fresh air for a few minutes, enjoying the evening breeze. There was a chill in the air, but after being cooped up at work all day, it was refreshing.

“Hi Sheila, I’m ready for you.” I turned to see Shelly, my masseuse standing in the doorway, a welcoming smile on her face. I was so ready for this. I was about to follow her inside when the Miata appeared again. It drove slowly past. I couldn’t see the drivers face because the windows were heavily tinted, but I felt like his eyes were on me. Why would I feel that way?

And this is how my stories are born, all based on fact and peppered with imagination. This story will appear in a book I am putting together and hoping to release at the end of the year. It’s going to be a fun book of short stories. Watch out for it. In the meantime check out my current book, Dead of July, which you can purchase by clicking on the book cover below.



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