Life is a little too short!

Why does time pass by so quickly
I blinked and lost the years
Where did they go?

I look into the mirror now
Whose face is that I see
Surely it's my mother because,
I don't believe its me.

My mind still wants to run and play
My thoughts are that of a girl
Why did life pass my by so fast?

I watch my daughter (thirty now)
How can that be?
She's lovely and happy and full of life,
But pretty soon she will be me.

I still have many things to do
And plenty of time to do them (if I hurry)
Life has flown, 
But not passed me by, 

The next few years I will be wiser
I'll soak up every moment,
When I leave this earth, when my time is done
I'll be ready (or will I?).

If I die tomorrow, at least I have one book written. Click on the cover to read about me, or purchase my book.



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