Spirits in the Basement?

Angel_vs_Demon_Tattoo_by_leedeeyahI’ve been followed by spirits for my whole life. They appear to me sometimes, and sometimes I just know they are around. On occasion I have wondered if they are responsible for hiding things, or just playing mischievous games with me. Often I wondered if a Guardian Angel hovers, protecting my family, as it seems we have had many lucky escapes.

This year has been a little different, with all of the activity happening in the basement.

1. On the second week in January water started to appear on the floor of my new bathroom in the basement. Caught it before too much damage was done and discovered it was a faulty valve.

2. On the last week in January, more water, bathroom vanity ruined, another leaking valve. Really?

3. On the first week in February frozen pipes, first time in 18 years of living in this house. I was home sick when I discovered the problem and thank heavens they didn’t burst.

4. Last Monday evening I walked into the basement and stopped dead in my tracks when I smelled burning. I’ve become and expert at dealing with water, but fire is a whole new ballgame. My tumble dryer had caught fire. I unplugged it, put the fire out and pulled it apart to make sure no flames lurked hidden underneath. I think my Guardian Angel sent me downstairs before the house exploded (the tumble dryer is gas), but who on earth is in my basement causing these issues. This is much more than coincidence.

To read about my fight with daemons, click on the cover below.






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