The Face Behind the Mirror – Nightmares, Funerals and House Cleaning

I didn’t plan to start my ‘Face Behind the Mirror’ series with nightmares, it just happened!

funeral-burial.jpg?w=628As odd as it sounds, I remember nightmares from when I was as young as eight years old, perhaps even younger. I must be slightly disturbed because I never  have good dreams, well if I do, I don’t remember. My dreams were always about vampires, which is why I always wear a cross. I daren’t leave my arm or foot hanging over the edge of the bed because of the zombies hiding in the shadows, waiting to nibble on them.

One of my worst nightmares involved the death of my mother when I was very young, I couldn’t save her. We were on Blackpool Pier, she drown. Here’s the twist to that nightmare. She was floating dead in the water wrapped in a lettuce leaf. What type of twisted mind conjures that up? Mine!

Last night my nightmare was so real it had me running round the house. Every time I felt myself drifting towards sleep, I was sure I was having a heart attack. It paralysed me with fear at first as I watched the scene play out. I watched myself die and then saw my funeral arrangements being made. The service was going to be here, my home…’s where it gets really weird. I acted out the next bit of my nightmare.

At 2:45 a.m. I looked at the clock and though “the funeral is in the morning and the house is a mess”. I got out of bed, put on my robe and proceeded to clean the house. I started with the carpet in the basement. Spot cleaning as it’s beige. Next I cleaned the wooden floors on the stairs and in the living room. I’m not making this up.

Eventually, happy that the place was clean enough to host my funeral, I went back to bed and slept.

Nightmares are only a small part of my ‘make-up’. I have premonitions and the deceased sometimes appear to me. If I didn’t write about these things, I would certainly be committed. My novel ‘Dead of July’ is available to purchase on Amazon. Later this year, I am putting together a collection of short stories, and hope to release it before Christmas. 

If you want to review or purchase my first novel, click on the book cover below. Read the reviews, I am very happy with them. 




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