The face in the Mirror and the Girl behind the Story

As a young girl I wrote stories in which I was ALWAYS the main character. My stories were about the life I wished I had. I wish I’d kept those stories, but I didn’t. I do remember them though. There was love, drama, death, I captured it all.  That was a long time ago, 45 years ago in fact.

What do I write about now?

I still write about me, the face I see in the mirror. My stories, and I have plenty of them, are based on my life. Some people breeze through their lives with very little adventure.

Not me!

I’ve gotten in to trouble so many times I’ve lost count. My mother almost gave up on me. My mishaps didn’t end when I got older, in fact I don’t think they’ll ever end.

For the next couple of months I’m going to introduce you to the face I see in the mirror. We’ll step back in time and see where she came from and how she came to be who she is. Some experiences are pretty hard to talk about, but I don’t want to make you sad, I just want  you to know who I am and how I came to be this crazy author. Oh and in case you are wondering – Yes, I do see dead people!

Clicking on the book cover below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase my book, or just read the reviews. I hope you follow my blog and learn who I really am.

Dead of July_Cover_in-template


2 thoughts on “The face in the Mirror and the Girl behind the Story

  1. Getting to know the writer behind this intriguing story is thrilling! As I told you before, I was already thrilled by the brief summary. I bought ‘Dead of July’ and am currently reading it. A great read! 🙂

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