Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover!

 This review is from: Dead of July (Paperback)
The old adage never rang so true with this book! While the cover certainly leaves a little to be desired (no offense to the author), the story is quite fascinating. It starts out a little slow, but each chapter ends with a nugget of intrigue to keep you asking: “What’s next?” That is, until the latter part of the book, which becomes so captivating it’s nearly impossible to put down. The author does a great job of scene development and character collusion at this stage of the story, really giving you a chance to escape into the lead character’s horrifying and precarious world.

The book is a quick read and is broken into many chapters, which I personally like because I don’t always have time for a lengthy chapter. I would have to say that, all in all, it’s a great book from a budding new author, whose come a long way from the short story. I think you will enjoy it.

Click on the book cover below and try this book yourself. I’d love to hear what you think.
Dead of July_Cover_in-template

5 thoughts on “Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover!

  1. This is actually one of my next reads and I am really looking forward to reading it.
    Regarding the cover, I wholeheartedly agree with you. This was one of the covers that inspired me to publish some ‘Book Cover’ polls on my blog.

    • I was unsure about the cover, but it was one of those cases where everything else was done so I kind of had to ‘go with it.’ Hard self publishing on a shoe string budget, but one day…….would love your feedback on the book. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • I read about the book some days ago and – had to buy it. I just couldn’t help it. 😉 Sometimes I read about a plot and go crazy until it is available. It is one of the next books I read.
        Covers are a difficult topic. Some will like a cover, others will be repelled. The contents should be more important. At least the cover is different. And I know lots of readers who really like that. I will certainly provide feedback. 🙂 []

      • Yes, I gathered that much. As you appreciate honesty, I hope that you won’t bear a grudge regarding my frankness.
        And it is true that my urge to get a book in my hands or on my eReaders is a one time per year event. In this case it is your book. 🙂

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