Her Evil Birthday – Re-united?

Evil Lake

The mist crept over the water and turned blood-red. Rick knew something was very wrong. Darkness fell suddenly. He shivered and stood up.

“Good-bye my love, I can’t stay here anymore, the pain is too great. Wherever I am, you will always be with me, but I must go.”

“Don’t leave me, don’t go.”

Rick froze. Was it the wind he heard? 

Hidden in the bushes, the evil creature laughed silently. “Oh this is good, this is so very good.” 

“I love  you Rick, remember the times we had together, we can be together again, come to me my love.”

Hypnotized by her voice Rick gazed into the water, and there, just below the surface, he saw her face. The face he loved.

“Rose, is that you? How can it be?” he stepped forward, teetering on the edge of the lake. Her face was pale, framed by beautiful, long black hair. Her dark eyes were open wide, staring at him sadly, just the way they always did.

“Rick, come to me.” She said as she spread her arms wide, she never left the water. He could see her naked body, white, almost glowing in the dark lake. She beckoned him as walked towards it. The lake was cold and deep. Her arms gripped him tightly, her cold mouth found his lips and as she kissed him they sunk silently into the depths of the bottomless lake. There was no warmth in the kiss. It was the kiss of death.

The dark hairless creature on the bank danced with evil glee, clapping its long bony fingers together before slipping silently into the water, back into its evil Kingdom. New life coursed through its cold veins as it revelled in the death of another human, feeding on the misery and despair that floated on the water yet again.



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