Her Birthday – The Evil One

Man-Alone-by-the-LakeA cold damp mist crept across the lake, but Rick didn’t budge. It was Rose’s birthday and he felt close to her here. Their favorite song stuck in his head, making him shiver as it did the first time they heard it together. “Baby I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray,” He sang it quietly to himself, and then shouted “Rose, why did you leave me?”


The breeze rustled through trees behind him, “Leave this place. Nothing good can happen here. Go now, while you can,” it said. Rick didn’t hear it. He thought about the last time he came here exactly one year ago. Wrapped in blankets for warmth, they looked out onto the dark lake and sipped wine, celebrating Rose’s birthday, celebrating their love. A magical evening – until she kissed him one last time before walking into the deep cold water. Rick jumped right in after her, frantically diving deep into the darkness of the lake. Rose was gone. He almost died himself in the icy depths. A couple of hikers found him the following morning. He lay unconscious on the frosty grass, suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia, barely alive. He had no will do live, but his body recovered, leaving his mind to deal with the tragedy.

Oh it’s so lovely to watch your misery, how I enjoy it. Rose is with me now. She shares my watery kingdom, she is my queen. I grow tired of her though. I want to give her back to you. I want to re-unite you, but not quite yet. Your sadness energizes me. 

Rick looked around again. “Hello, is someone there?”

He couldn’t see the evil shape that lingered in the shadows. The ugly hairless creature of the water, who grinned wickedly inhaling his misery.

Something splashed in the water and then disappeared quickly. Rick stood up startled, peering across the lake. “Is that a shape just below the surface?” He thought to himself. Is it human? Suddenly he was scared, something wasn’t right here……

My first novel ‘Dead of July’ is available on Amazon and can be purchased by clicking on the book cover below.



Dead of July_Cover_in-template

A fun, feisty heroine, creepy criminals, and an even creepier paranormal twist make this book unique. It’s a fun read, partly because it takes place in Germany in the 80s and it’s interesting to learn about that time period. But mainly because it’s got so many twists and turns that you never see coming.

Sheila is a British woman in Germany who does a good deed for a stranger in trouble, and before you can say “haunted,” she’s in all kinds of unexpected trouble herself from enemies alive and . . . not so alive.

I don’t want to spoil any of the fun, all I can say is you’ll never react to the smell of cigarettes in quite the same way again!



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