Her Birthday

It was her birthday. A celebration of the day she was born. A serious child who didn’t laugh easily, but when she did, the whole world laughed with her. It was her birthday, but she was gone.


Rick stared into the dark waters of Lake Coniston, the lake that had claimed the life of many people. Said to be so deep that in many places that it was immeasurable. The lake that took the life of the woman he loved. Well that wasn’t exactly the truth,  the lake hadn’t taken her life, she gave it up willingly. Now one year after her death, on her birthday, he sat alone, missing her.

“Why did you do it?” he asked “Why did you leave me?”

The water lapped against the bank, hardly making a sound. The world was silent, as though waiting for something. Even the birds stopped singing.

Rick wiped a tear from his eye. “I’ll never forget you.” he said. “I’ll love you my whole life.”

He threw stones at the water, making them skim across the surface, the way she taught him. She was obsessed by the lake, said it was her special place. They made love on the bank, and sat for hours in each others arms, their toes dangling in the water. They would see each other every day, never tiring of one another’s company. Mostly happy times, but on occasions, she was distant. Her eyes almost as deep as the lake she loved. What was she hiding? Why did she take her life?

The waters rippled a little in the breeze and Rick turned up his collar, warding of the chill.

Behind him, unseen, something lurked. Something that meant him no good. He was oblivious, lost in his misery.

“She didn’t give her life up, I took it, just the way I will take yours soon.” whispered a voice. A voice that blended in with the rustling of the trees, a voice that stopped the birds from singing. A voice to fear. 

Rick turned around. “Hello! Is someone there”

He was alone, or so it appeared…………..

What happens next….come back soon and see. 

My first novel is available on Amazon. I am so thrilled with the positive feedback I am receiving from my readers. Give it a try, or if you aren’t a reader, buy it for someone who is. I would love to hear what you think. Click on the book cover below to purchase.



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