Meeting the Demons – A Ghost Story (Part 3)



smoking potHitching a ride

The peaceful cemetery faded away and I was surrounded by chaos and darkness…………….I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. It was dark and I was on the side of a busy busy motorway. I recognized it immediately. It was the MI, the road to London. 

Was this a cruel joke? A flashback of my delinquent teens? I heard my mother’s voice again.

Don’t be scared, we are exorcising your demons. This is the night you ran away from home, you were only fifteen! 

“I know and I’m sorry” I said. “My dad was in hospital and you were all alone. Why was I so awful? Mum, I really am sorry.”

I know pet, don’t worry, I forgave you the minute you came home and I saw your face. I could see how sorry you were.

Although my body didn’t move, my mind moved forward in time. I sat in a field by a camp fire, it was 1972, I was smoking pot. I groaned inwardly remembering that night. I was arrested and my parents collected me from the Police Station. Was I ashamed when I saw them? No! Did I see anger or disappointment in their eyes? No! Only concern. “Mum, I let you down so many times, how can you ever forgive me?” I asked.

I heard a familiar gentle laugh which brought tears to my eyes, my mother’s voice continued. You will be a mother one day and you will understand that a mother’s love never goes away, just gets stronger. You will be there, just as I was, to help your child pick up the pieces and move on with her life. She will fight you, tell you she hates you and make you cry, but she will always love you and you will always love her and be there when she needs you. 

I fought back the tears as I listened. “Mum, don’t leave yet, lets remember some good times too.”

I wouldn’t go without remembering the good times. The good times will chase away the Demons.

I became a child again. The year was 1974 and we were on the beach in Blackpool……..

I love to write, it’s good for my soul. I have written several short stories, which will be released later this year. My first novel ‘Dead of July’ is available on Amazon and can be purchased by clicking on the book cover below. Judging by the reviews, this book is a fun read. I certainly enjoyed writing it. 

A German Ghost Story

A German Ghost Story



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