Life measured by Christmas.

DSC01447The first Christmas I remember came with plastic roller skates. I knocked over the Christmas tree learning how to skate. That was in 1962. I was young!

A stereo was special in 1975. David Bowie sounded much better in stereo. It was a good year.

In 1988 I was a mother with a child of my own. A child who spent all day jumping on her Christmas gift, a trampoline, it was the best year ever. 

The Christmases have quickly passed me by, from child, to bride, to mother. Each filled with different types of joy only a family can share.

This year is the last one my baby, my child, my only daughter, will share our last name. She will be married before the next Christmas rolls around. How time flies. What next? Grandchildren I suppose and the cycle starts again. 

Merry Christmas to One and All. 

Enjoy the present, look forward to the future and remember the past.

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I have a new book out for Christmas. If you have time over the holidays, give it a try. Set in Germany in 1982, it is a fun read. A German Ghost Story and the adventures of a British Army Wife. 

Click on the cover to purchase from Amazon.

A German Ghost Story



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