The Journey of an Indie Author


We pick up a book and we read it. It takes us away from reality. It’s an escape, an adventure. Until I became a writer, I never realized just how much was involved in putting together that escape. The adventure doesn’t just happen.

In 2009 I started writing my first novel, which I originally referred to as ‘A Walk in the Park’ because the story started with a walk in the park. As I continued to write, the title became, ‘The Evil Russian’, but that didn’t do my story justice either. Eventually, with the help of a friend, I named my story ‘Dead of July’. Yes the story is set in July and the title just fit.

When I finished writing I sent my story to an editor. Unfortunately one year (and six hundred dollars later) she wasn’t even half way through. What a shame, I trusted her. I learned my lesson the hard way, but managed to find a wonderful content editor I knew I could trust. She managed to edit my book in a couple of weeks, and did a GREAT job. I took her advice and used more colorful words. I brought the characters to life.

After re-reading I send my manuscript to two beta readers. The story was still a mess, but they waded in and gave me a report on what they liked and didn’t like about my story. I studied their comments and made the necessary changes.

Next the book went to a copy editor. He made short work of reading the manuscript and fixing typos, grammar etc., and sent a lovely neat manuscript back to me. What next? Lay out of course. I burned the midnight oil as I worked with my patient publisher. She was patient and a great teacher. She made my book look pretty with different typefaces. It took a while, but we got there.

Ready to publish…..NO!

Next the book had to go to a proof reader. A lovely lady who said my story was just wonderful. We got together and went through all 256 pages to make more grammatical corrections. I re-read the book and still found typos. Was I bored yet, was I over it? NO! I was loving it. I was turning my manuscript into something beautiful, something to be proud of.

So when I was finally happy with the layout and the book cover, the time had com to load my manuscript onto ‘Create Space’, my paper back was ready to go. Was I done? NO! I had to send the pretty new manuscript to the nice man who did the eBook layout. When he was finished, I was SO nervous about screwing things up, I had him load it onto Amazon for me.

The whole process of producing my first novel took over three years. Everyone who read my book during the editing, beta reading etc. told me just how much they enjoyed the story.

Now I need to convince the world it is worth reading… next adventure is MARKETING. Not sure how to get everyone’s attention, but I am certainly going to try. If you want to give an Indie Author a leg up…..BUY THE BOOK and then give me a lovely review on Amazon.

I worked very hard on this book, not just for me, but for you. I love reading a good story, escaping into a different world and I hope when you read my book, you will find yourselves in the head of a young British Army wife living in Germany in 1982. I hope you feel fear, pain and laughter. Give it a try and let me know what you think. (eBook $4.99) (Paperback $14.99)

A German Ghost Story

A German Ghost Story

PS. It would make a great stocking stuffer!


10 thoughts on “The Journey of an Indie Author

    • You should just sit down for maybe 20 to thirty minutes each day and pour all of your thoughts out, eventually it will take the form of a story and you will get so involved in it that you look forward to sitting down. Start now. I waited way too long. Good luck!

  1. Think I have got my Inspirational Journey Story from you, it has to be my most favourite thing to see someone ‘come good’ despite all the hard work and hurdles, you succeeded, why, because of your sheer drive and determination.
    You do not wait for things to happen, you make them happen!!
    If we really want something, we find a way ;D
    Hopefully my book arrives tomorrow, so exciting Mrs Authoress.
    PS. Can I share this on my Art and Design Blog for my Hnd? I have a separate blog

    • I would be honored if you would share this on your blog. With all of the hurdles you have overcome (many more than me), you are the true inspiration. NEVER GIVE UP!

      • I knew you wouldn’t mind so I went ahead and shared 😀
        Thank You for your kind reply, spookily I have just drawn hurdles in one of my projects for ‘My Journey’
        I don’t know HOW to give up but do try to ‘slow it down’ sometimes- I know we are on the same page!

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