The Attic

I hated the attic! Something about it gave me goosebumps. I’d stand below the gaping dark hole as my husband lowered things down to me. We got one of those fancy trap doors fitted, it released a ladder making access easy for anyone, including me.

“I don’t want to go up there,” I said “there are spiders and things, I don’t like it.”

“There aren’t any spiders. It will be easy for you to get what you need now. I travel so much you need to have access to the attic yourself.”

No I don’t! I thought.

My husband got stuck in Columbus Ohio the weekend I planned to put up the Christmas tree. I stood below the trap door and sighed. I can do this, I thought to myself. I took the pole and poked it in the little hole that opened the door. The ladder swung slowly down, inviting me to ascend. I shuddered as I slowly put one foot in front of the other. It was silent, too silent. One step at a time I climbed. It seemed to take me forever. I really didn’t want to go up there.

I could see the boxes I needed and reached out, sliding them towards me. That was easy. Carefully I descended and lay them on the floor. Now for the Christmas tree. Where was it? Oh no, I thought to myself as I spied it in a gloomy corner. There’s no way I can reach that from the ladder. Gingerly I eased my way up into the room I hated so much. Not sure why I was so scared, it was well-lit and clean.

Keeping my eyes focused on the Christmas tree, I crawled across the attic floor. I had almost reached it when I heard a deep sigh. I froze! Grab the tree and get out of here, I said to myself. Another deep sigh!

I grasped the handle on the bag in which the tree was stored and dragged it across the attic. I was sweating now.

Where was that music coming from? It sounded like an old scratchy gramophone. Was my mind playing tricks with me?

My foot was on the top rung of the ladder, the music got louder. Down two steps, three. I dragged the tree after me, almost falling as I did so.

I slammed the doors shut and the music stopped!

What had just happened? Had my imagination got the better of me. How could I imagine music?

One thing was certain. I wasn’t going back into the attic again….EVER!

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