A Blast from the Past

Dead of July_Cover_in-templateIts thirty-one years ago since I moved to Dortmund, West Germany. THIRTY ONE YEARS! I was twenty-five and life was exciting. So exciting I decided to write a story about it.

Since I started writing the story, something funny has happened. All of the people I knew back in 1982, have started to make their way back into my life. I LOVE IT!

Sharon, Michael, Jennie, Gilbert and now our old friend Patrick (Cass).

Our time in Germany was fun, life was exciting.

Since 1995, I have lived in Colorado. I am an American citizen now, and love everything this country has to offer, but I often think about the friends my husband and I made in Dortmund, the place my daughter was born.

Writing my book “Dead of July” was a pleasure and brought back many good memories. Its been difficult writing and working full-time, but I managed. Now the finished book is with the printer, as well as well as being formatted for kindle. Hopefully it will be for sale before Christmas. When the make it into a movie (in my dreams) I think Idris Elba can lay the lead….

The humor and character of the British soldiers (and their wives) who served with the Royal Highland Gunners (19 Field Regiment) and The Royal Army Pay Corps in Dortmund in the eighties were the inspiration for my story.


Sheila was only five years old when she came face to face with her first ghost. It was her cousin who had recently died of leukemia.

Two years later when she was seven, Sheila had a terrifying premonition about a horrific plane crash in France. The crash took the lives of two people close to her and made the news a few days later.

Sheila’s Grandfather visited her less than an hour after committing suicide. He sat on the end of her bed and talked to her before she even knew he was dead.

Dreams and premonitions haunted Sheila throughout her life and eventually she learned to live with them. What choice did she have?

In 1982, while living in Germany, Sheila encountered a very different type of ghost….

A nasty malevolent Russian, and this visitation almost killed her.



2 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. Looking forward to reading the book Sandra, I will keep my eye on the Kindle site. Incidentally, I also served in Germany and both my children were born there (RAF Hospital,Wegberg). That was forty years ago and good times they were 🙂

    • It’s only when you look back at what you’ve done, that you realize how much fun it was. Germany was a blast wasn’t it. My daughter was born in BMH Iserlohn in 1984. Hoping to get it onto Amazon for Kindle within the next couple of weeks, once the e-book layout is complete. So much fun to write.

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