Murder and Deceit

Mary Jo walked back to her car and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. She drank what was left, hardly tasting it, while she watched the inferno that was once a trailer. The heat was intense. She could feel it on her face, it felt good.



Half expecting to see two naked burning figures burst out of the door, she waited. There was no sign of her cheating husband and his whore. She hoped they fried in each others arms.

After a few minutes she slid behind the wheel of the car and drove away. It would be a while before emergency vehicles reached the remote burning trailer, but it was better to be safely out-of-the-way before they did.

As she drove away, Billy Bob Thornton blasted from the speakers “I fell into a burning ring of fire.” Mary Jo laughed as she sang along. Someone was burning and it sure as hell wasn’t her.

As she passed the bar were the sordid affair started, she slowed down, should she stop for a drink. Hell yea! She needed an alibi anyway. Mary Jo pulled into the parking lot feeling surprising sober even though she had consumed a full bottle of whiskey. A murderer can sure hold her liquor, she thought and laughed once again. She felt no remorse for what she had done. It eased her pain and heartache.

Mary Jo found a stool at the bar and waited to be served.

She froze as Lucy appeared. “Hi Mary Jo, you here alone?”

“Lucy, hey, I didn’t think you were working tonight,” Mary Jo replied, trying to sound casual.

“Oh yea, I’m working an extra shift. Money’s tight. Had to sell my trailer too. I’m living with my mom for a while. What do you want to drink? Is Rod coming back? ”

“I’ll have a shot of Tequila, want to join me?”

“Sure thanks” Lucy said.

“What do you mean is Rod coming back, was he in earlier?” Mary Jo asked.

“Sure was, he was with your sister, they stopped by for the keys to my trailer. She’s thinking of buying it!”

“Goddamn it”, Mary Jo thought to herself, “whats worse, murdering my sister or knowing she was screwing my husband?” And then she smiled. “It really doesn’t matter does it? They’re both burning in hell now.”

“Lucy, bring the bottle, let’s get drunk.”

“You bet, and what the heck, it’s on the house.”


My new novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released in December.

Dead of July (Small)


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