Stephen King taught me to Read!

Well not quite, but he certainly made reading a lot more interesting. I can’t wait for each new book he releases.  As I got older (yes I’m in my fifties), reading became more difficult. Working at a computer all day and then working on my own novel at night, meant my eyes were pretty worn out and not able to read. Then this wonderful invention called ‘The Kindle’ came along. It enabled me to make the words bigger, I could read again!!!!

Last week I was lucky enough to see Stephen King himself. He came to the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder to talk about his life and promote ‘Dr. Sleep’, the sequel to the Shining. What a wonderful evening . He was very amusing and soon you fell into his talk, just as you all into his books. Boulder Colorado is where Stephen King lived while he wrote ‘The Shining’ so it was a fitting place for him to talk about its sequel. I am currently reading ‘The Shining’ for the second time. The last time I read it was 1977 and I wanted little Danny (Doc) Torrence to be fresh in my mind when I read about him as an adult. Can’t wait to start it.

Stephen King encourages aspiring authors, like myself, to read as much as possible. ‘How can you write if you don’t read?’ he said.

Below is a link to ‘The Daily Camera‘ and a review of the evening with Stephen King.

Stephen King in Boulder

His words truly inspired me. My own novel is almost finished. It’s nowhere near as good as any of Stephen King’s novels, but I have to start somewhere.

Dead of July (Small)

As I walked past the doorway to the landing, I heard movement. I froze. Who could be outside our door at this time of night? No one lived on the top floor but us. If someone was on our landing, it was not by accident.

A floorboard creaked outside.

This definitely wasn’t a stray cat. I pressed my face up against the door and peered through the little peephole. I jumped back quickly when I saw someone looking back at me. I began to shake. I couldn’t be imagining things . . . or could I? I plucked up courage and looked again. The eye was still there, startlingly wide, almost like it had been magnified. I screamed. 


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