Talking a night off to talk about ME!

I was born in 1957 in Bishop Auckland County, County Durham. My father was a violent man and beat my mother while I watched. I was only four when he gave her the beating that scared her so much she left him for good. She took hold of my hand and we walked out of the house with nothing more than the clothes we on our backs. We never looked back. She raised me on her own, working as a housekeeper in a large farm-house in Summerhouse County Durham. Although this photograph was taken recently, this is where I lived until I was ten years old.  Lovely isn’t it?

We found a home of our own.

We found a home of our own.

I saw my first ghost when I was five years old. I saw a relative who had died as a child. It really scared me, mainly because I was confused.

I had my first premonition when I was seven. My short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ is based on my first premonition.

When I was ten years old my mother re-married. My step father was a good man, but I resented him because I was no longer the center of my mother’s world. I became a troubled teen.

Girl on the Beach Cover Art Flat with Title (Small)


I had many strange unexplainable encounters during my teenage years. I saw my granddad after he died, before I even knew he was dead. He visited me in my bedroom just after he committed suicide.

“Granddad, if you can see me, I did what you asked me to do. I hope in heaven you don’t have Parkinson’s disease anymore. I never knew you well but the smile in you lively blue eyes was beautiful.”

At the age of seventeen I was chased home from my local pub by a nasty man who had lecherous thoughs in his head. He was twice my age. I based my short story ‘Guy at the Bar’ on this experience. Guy at the Bar (Blue Text)[11]

I didn’t trust men very much when I was young.

I was only 20 when I got married to a British soldier. My life changed a great deal. We moved around the country and I made many good friends. My confidence returned. I still had premonitions. I often had visitations from the deceased. My husband even experienced them. None of them were scary or threatening. A little inconvenient sometimes. They certainly scared our neighbors.

In 1984 my husband was posted to Dortmund, West Germany (the Berlin Wall was still firmly in place). We had a blast in Germany. I loved living in a foreign country.

‘Dead of July’ is written about my time in Germany. It is my first full length novel and is due to be published in the fall. I am very proud of this book. It is with beta readers now, prior to being edited. I know this story off by heart and have lived it several times. It may never be a best seller, but it took my three years to write and to me, it’s a masterpiece.

‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’ are no longer for sale, as I am re-writing them both and having them edited. As I write more (yes I have another book in the works), I want each story to be perfect. Both of these short stories will be available before Christmas. They tell you how I became who I am. I hope you enjoy them.

Now its time for me to say goodnight. It was nice to share a little of ‘me’ with you all. I may not be Stephen King, but I still tell a good tale.



2 thoughts on “Talking a night off to talk about ME!

  1. Very cool that you are living your dream – writing! I am so proud of you. You are my inspiration!!! Love ya. Julie

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