Vampire killers

He woke up in a dark, dark mood. Anger filled his brain, murder filled his thoughts. He was hungry, the pangs growing from his stomach, rising  and bubbling within him. Sharp, urgent, greedy. He looked out of the window at the moon. It empowered him. Opening the window, he breathed in deeply, smelling the wood, the earth, and something else, something he needed badly. He smelled blood.  He smiled in anticipation. He would drink soon.

Vladimir stepped outside, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone. The chase was on.  The night air invigorated him as he stood alone in the dense forest. Creatures rustled in the undergrowth, but he paid them no attention, he was in search of something bigger, something more exquisite.


He inhaled deeply, sensing what he wanted,  what he needed.

Hovering quietly above the ground as he travelled, he followed the sweet aroma of a young female. It was mixed with male smells, but that didn’t concern him. It was a mild annoyance, no more.

Ahhhh sweet young love, he said to himself as he perched high in the tree, watching the young lovers on a blanket below him. The were in the early stages of lovemaking, still partially clothed. He watched for a while, sick with hunger, dizzy with excitement.

Finally, he could stand it no more. He swooped silently towards the ground, fangs bared, eyes wide.

Quick as a flash, the young man on the ground flipped around, holding up a wooden stake tipped with silver. Too late to pull back, the vampire was impaled. A stake through the heart, he done.

A man walked from his hiding place in the woods.

“Good job lad, that’s one less beast to worry about,” he said as he dropped a silver coin into the young man’s hand. Lets meet again tomorrow, we still have lots to do.


Watch out for my first novel, due to be released in the fall. No, its’ not about Vampires, this blog was just for fun.

Dead of July (Small)



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