Cindy screamed, but didn’t run from the shape blocking the doorway. She was scared, but she was also confused as she looked into the eyes of her dead husband. “Jeff, is that you? How can this be? What happened?”



Standing in front of her was something that looked like a scarecrow. His feet were made of wood and straw. He wore long black coat. Protruding from the sleeves of which were dark hands with long pointed fingernails. The scarecrow had a scythe tucked beneath his arm. He stood motionless in the doorway, blocking her exit. Cindy wanted to look at his face again, but daren’t.

“What do you want?” she said looking at the ground. “What do you want from me.?”

The figure made no sound, but shuffled closer. Cindy wanted to run, to flee out of the back door, but where would she go?

The car, she had left the car keys in the car, she could escape. After stepping back a couple of paces she turned and ran towards the back door.

The door opened slowly before she reached it.

Moonlight shone brightly on a scene she didn’t want to acknowledge. The backyard was full of stationary figures. Cindy stood in the doorway, terrified, unable to move.

She looked in horror at the scarecrows, who all looked back at her, grinning a manic evil grin, maggots dripping from their hideous mouths. She swung  back around, hearing movement behind her, and came face to face with the most frightening figure of all. A scarecrow with the face of her husband.

It was the last straw, she fell to the ground gripping her chest. The pain was excruciating. Everything went black. Was she dying?

Cindy is having a tough time. How will it end? Wait and see.

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