Noodle and TwisterCindy’s cats were spooked and ran back inside the house. “It’s only a scarecrow” she said. “You’ll have to get used to them while we live in Kansas. I am sure there will be quite a few, this isn’t Orange County you know.”

She laughed at her pampered cats.

After clearing the breakfast pots away, Cindy went into the bedroom to unpack her clothes. She only got halfway through her suitcase before she decided to join her sleeping kitties. It was just after twelve noon, but the journey had left her exhausted. Climbing onto the bed she snuggled up to her furry friends. Pretty soon she fell into a deep sleep. Cindy slept long and hard. When she awoke, it was dark. She looked at the clock beside the bed, alarmed that she has slept through the day, but it was only 4pm. Why was it so dark? She rubbed her eyes and walked to the window. “Wow, you don’t get skies like this in Orange County.” She said as she pulled her camera from her case and opened the window to take a photo. “Beautiful colors” I think I am going to like it here.

Kansas Storm





It was a peaceful, magical moment. “I wish you were  with me Jeff.” she said. “I know you would enjoy chasing the storms with me. Can you hear me? Are you watching me? Did you follow me to Kansas?” Cindy talked to her deceased husband a lot. He’d been a difficult man sometimes, but she understood him and missed him terribly. Why did he have to die so young?

She unpacked the rest of her clothes while Noodle and Twister still slept. Whilst  hanging away the last dress the rain began to fall. It wasn’t heavy and for that Cindy was relieved, she didn’t feel up to chasing tornadoes yet. The wind started to howl, making the wooden house creak. Without warning the kitchen door blew open with a bang and something fell off the wall. Both cats woke up hissing and then leaped under the bed.

It took some effort for Cindy to push close the door. She felt  as thought someone was trying to force it open, but it was only the wind. I could do with a little help here Jeff she said to herself. The wind dropped and she closed the door. “That was a storm in a teacup.” she said. From its veracity, it was easy to see how bad a storm could be on the plains.

Calm settled over the house as the afternoon turned to evening. Cindy decided to end the day by enjoying an ice-cold beer on the porch. “Its a beautiful evening, come out and join me.” she said to her kitties, but Noodle and Twister watched her from the bedroom window, all the while keeping their eyes on the Scarecrows. Yes there were two of them now. The cats stuck close together, they didn’t like their new home, and they especially didn’t like strange smiling creatures in the cornfield.

Black and white scarecrow


Check back soon to see what happens to the Californian in Kansas………….

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