tornadoes1-300x181Fascinated by tornadoes, Cindy decided to take a trip to Kansas in the Spring. She wanted to be a storm chaser. Tornadoes both terrified and fascinated her. Of course coming from California, she had only seen them on the television. Twister was her favorite movie. Cindy wasn’t young, she was a 57-year-old retired widower working on her ‘bucket list’.

Cindy rented a small house in the country,  miles from anywhere, but she didn’t care. Since her husband died the only company she needed was her two cats ‘Twister, and Noodle’. She packed her truck and on May 1st, she set off on an adventure. The journey was pleasant and uneventful, except for her unhappy pets who weren’t at all impressed.

It took her two long days to drive to Kansas and they arrived at their temporary home early on  a
Kansas farm houseSunday morning. It was a beautiful Spring day with not a cloud in the sky. Was Kansas really the place to chase storms? Maybe she should have gone to Oklahoma. “Come on girls” she said as she released the unhappy cats.

Cindy had paid someone to shop for her before she arrived and was happy to find the cupboards and refrigerator fully stocked. Before she started to unpack, she found pans and began to cook eggs and bacon. It was her way of ‘christening’ the house. As she sat down to eat her breakfast, she looked out of the window at the miles and miles of open space surrounding the house.

What was that noise? 

She got up to investigate what sounded like footsteps on the porch! She opened the door slowly to see Twister and Noodle standing looking at the cornfield, backs arched, hair standing on end, hissing at something.

She followed their line of sight. “You silly cats, have you never seen a SCARECROW before she said?”

I don’t remember seeing that when we arrived” she thought to herself. “I need to take a nap” 

In the distance, unseen by anyone, the Scarecrow smiled.


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