Germans, an Evil Russian and the British Army

dead-of-july-small4-color-13.jpgIt took me over a year to write my novel ‘Dead of July’. I have postponed the release date three times. Why? Because I want to make sure the ending is as good as the story.

How many times have you read a good book, only to be disappointed at the ending?

What is my book about? Evil Russians, Germans, British Soldiers, the 1982 FIFA World Cup Final, and the adventures of a young British Army wife living in Dortmund, Germany.

“You are going to pay for what you did,” he said with a heavy, guttural accent. “You will never be rid of me.” His fingers crawled around to the back of my head, pulling me toward him. I was too terrified to move. He leaned forward through the window so our faces were touching and kissed me roughly on the lips, biting me as he did so. The smell of his stale breath made me want to vomit and I jerked my head away from him

I hope this leaves you hungry for more.

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