Alice in Wonderland or Fringe Science? An unusual day a the office.

I followed the good Doctor into the stairway leading down from the roof. He secured the door tightly behind him. “That will keep them out” he said. I somehow doubted it, I had seen what Daleks could do! Even the old MK. 1’s scared me. I knew the new models could hover and fly. I dreaded to think what else they could do.Mk 1 Dalek I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could, expecting the door to explode and come hurtling towards me at any moment.

It was silent, no banging, nothing. I sighed with premature relief. We raced down to the third floor and stopped by the door to my office. Dr. Who opened the door for me and bade me goodbye. “You can’t leave me now, what happens next?”

“That my dear, is up to you, I have universes to save” he said as he let go of the door. I stood still wondering if my strange morning was going to improve or deteriorate. I heard excited voices close by and went to investigate. A huddle of attorney’s were standing in the west conference room, their faces pressed up against the glass. I followed the direction of their gaze just in time to see an old-fashioned telephone box disappear. I was unable to control my laughter and everyone turned around to look at me. “What’s wrong? Anyone would think  you had never seen the Tardis before” I said. They turned around and looked at me. Ted spoke up. “The Tardis? I would love to see the Tardis, maybe it will be on another truck”

Tardis“What were you all looking at?” I asked, still laughing. He pointed to the accident on the Interstate below our window.

“A truck just dumped its load on the road. He was carrying Dalek’s”

I looked out at the highway. He was right, there were three wrecked Dalek’s blocking the highway. I looked up to the skies for signs of their spaceship, but all I saw was clear blue sky. “You didn’t see the Tardis down there?” I asked.

“No, did we miss it? Damn”dalek-recovery-roadside-relay-homestart

I stood there looking at the highway as they loaded what remained of the Daleks onto a trailer. I hoped the knew what they were doing. I wondered why these guys were talking about Daleks like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Ted, why would a truck be carrying Daleks?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“It’s the new Cirque de Soleil show. Dr. Who through the ages.” He replied rolling his eyes at my ignorance. “The tickets cost a fortune, but I am going to get some. Best show on Earth”

“Is it set in the second world war?” I asked remembering my encounter with the Nazi’s on the way to work.

“Dr. Who didn’t start until 1963. World War II ended long before that. Your history isn’t very good is it?”

I smiled and walked into my office wondering what was going to happen next.


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