Alice in Wonderland or Fringe Science – The Flight!

Now I really dislike flying, but when my precious red Audi left the road and banked into the clouds it was both exciting and exhilarating. Bullets flew past me on either side, leaving trails like small comets, but none of them hit me.

Audi-A7-2010I knew nothing about flying but I certainly knew how to drive, so that’s what I did. When I could no longer see bullets, I leveled and drove exactly the way I would on the road, checking my mirrors for cops, because I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was strictly legal. I chuckled to myself, wondering if cop cars could fly too….I doubted it. Then I laughed a little insanely. What the hell was I doing? I was flying to work in my car. I had no idea where I was. The ground was way below me. It only took me a few seconds to activated the Sat Nav and the confident pushy lady started to guide me, opening the conversation with”You are cruising at two thousand feet and ninety-five miles an hour”

I didn’t know those words were in her vocabulary.

It certainly wouldn’t take me long to get to work. I worried a little about landing, never having done it before. “You are approaching 5251 DTC Boulevard, would you like to use your automatic pilot to land?” Automatic Pilot? The car manual never mentioned I had one of those. “Yes Please” I said.

The car started to descend and with no help from me. In no time at all I felt the car hovering above the top of the building, inching slowly to the ground. The landing was smooth. I jumped as the driver side door opened and an image that had been locked away in my brain since childhood stood there beckoning me. “Dr. Who I presume” I said giggling a little as he took my hand.

dr-who-2“I have been expecting you, we need to get inside quickly. Trouble is approaching”

“My car, what about my car?” I asked, worried something would happen to my beautiful red Audi. I watched in amazement as it folded in on itself, transforming into the size of a matchbox toy. I grabbed it quickly and put it safely in my purse.

“Run” The good Doctor said as he looked up to the sky. I followed the direction of his gaze. My heart stood still as I saw huge space ship hovering a few hundred feet above me. Its massive door was already open and a line of Daleks were making ready to descend. I Fled. These things have terrified me since I was five years old.



This mini series of blogs is a little different from my usual writing style. I like to experiment and this is exactly what I am doing. Hopefully you are enjoying it. My stories are usually about ghosts and the paranormal. My new novel ‘Dead of July’ is a paranormal thriller based on true events that happened in July 1982. Check out the preview below.



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