Fringe Science or Alice in Wonderland? (Part 1)

As I scrambled to get my things together and get out of the house I wondered if I would miss this morning rush when I retired?  Nine more working years in me before I am able retire and become a full-time writer.

Of course you won’t miss it.

Who said that? I looked around startled. That voice wasn’t in my head, I heard it clear as a bell. The garage was empty apart from me. I slid behind the wheel of my beloved Audi, the car I had waited all my life for. The one thing that made my drive to work bearable.

Watch out for the rabbit!” said a voice from the back seat.


I screeched to a halt as a rabbit ran hopped across in front of me. Now this wasn’t your regular rabbit. This rabbit was the size of a kangaroo. I rubbed my eyes (carefully so as not to smudge my mascara) and looked again. The rabbit hopped off into the distance, white cotton tail wobbling on its oversized rear-end. Should I go back to bed?

No, keep driving, this will be a day to remember” said a voice from the back.

I looked in my rearview mirror, a shadowy shape was forming there. I concentrated on the driving, not wanting to look anymore.

I turned onto the dirt road, being careful to look out for rabbits, pretty certain I would see one if it ran out in front of me. I didn’t want to hurt a rabbit, but more to the point, I didn’t want to damage my beloved Audi. I pulled onto the road, glad to put the craziness behind me.

What the hell was that? 

I felt like as though I was in a cartoon and  ‘road runner’ had just buzzed past me. I strained my eyes to see what was disappearing into the distance. I looked like a motorbike, but even a Suzuki Hayabusa couldn’t go that fast.

I turned the engine off and sat there for a few minutes, debating whether to continue my journey to work, or go back to bed. Was this some sort of alternate universe, a mixture between Fringe and Alice in Wonderland.

I looked in my rear view mirror and my mind was made up. I turned on the engine, pressed the ‘warp speed’ button on my console and accelerated away from the Golden Eagle that was swooping down towards my car. It was the size of a small plane!


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